The Attraction Operator’s Guide to Virtual Queuing

Build your virtual queuing solution that delights your guests and frees them to explore.

No one likes queuing. It takes up exploration time and causes uncertainty. Not to mention the achy feet.

Over 60% of guests believe that long queues are the worst thing about visiting attractions. Can you blame them? At popular attractions, lines can exceed a 100-minute waiting time, meaning some guests make it on less than six rides a day. If they’ve only booked a short visit, this can really take away from their experience.

To take out some of the frustration, you’ve got to manage your guests’ expectations and minimise wait times. In this guide, we’ll explore:

  • What a virtual queuing system is and how it can benefit your attraction
  • Whether a virtual queuing system is the right choice for you
  • How to design an optimal virtual queuing strategy

After reading the guide, you’ll know how to:

  • Eliminate guests’ #1 source of friction
  • Improve accessibility for your guests with disabilities
  • Drive spending to other channels, such as retail and food outlets

With that know-how under your belt, you’ll be ready to implement virtual queuing into your attraction, improve your guests’ experience and maximise your revenue.

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