Learn about the future of the digital guest journey via our brand new website!

Take a tour of our brand new website, designed to help attractions of all sizes realise the potential of their digital guest journey.
October 2019

We’re excited to introduce our brand new website, recently launched to support our ambition to help visitor attractions of all sizes harness the potential of a best-in-class digital guest journey.

By leveraging the mobile device that every guest already carries in their pocket, coupled with our innovative technology platform, we’re able to remove the traditional time and cost barriers of implementing new technology, and deliver significant benefits for both guests and operators. The new website is designed to articulate this message more clearly.

Great for guest experience... and for business!

One of the biggest developments on the new website is articulating the benefits of mobile app technology both for guests and the operators.

To articulate the benefits for guests, we took the decision to bring the experience to life, taking website users on a journey that mirrors how an attraction would take visitors on a journey pre, during and post visit. At each touchpoint, we’ve highlighted how mobile apps can create enriched, enhanced and more personalised visitor experiences.

Operator benefits aims to demonstrate the business benefits to the attraction, namely, increasing on site spend, improving guest satisfaction, unlocking new revenue opportunities and surfacing invaluable insights on guest behaviour to make smarter and more responsive business decisions.

One size doesn't fit all

New use case pages offer focused solutions for different attraction types. Whilst the Attractions.io platform and approach offers flexibility with a breadth of features and functionality available, we've found every attraction we speak to has very different requirements and priorities. These pages showcase the most relevant features and key benefits for each type of visitor attraction. For example:

Theme Parks

Some of the best ways to differentiate through visitor experience on-park is to offer visitors the ability to access queue times, digital ticketing, food and beverage ordering & offers and wayfinding through their mobile app.


Where communication is key, priority features for zoos may include; messaging functionality including push notifications that feature dynamic visit information based on dwell time, as well as our day planner, providing show and feed times.


From our experience, resorts can leverage the most value through offering; room service, intelligent offers, interactive resort maps and dining reservation features though a mobile app.

In addition, we've added role based content to support the key audiences and stakeholders we work with, such as marketing and operations teams, and highlight how mobile app technology can help them meet their objectives and achieve results.

Plus there's more to come!

Emma Jones, who recently joined us as Head of Marketing said "We're really excited to launch the new website as it gives us a great foundation to build from. We're on a mission to champion the full potential of the digital guest journey. The technology is available now and we're keen to get the word out and educate people about what's possible, that it doesn't need to cost a fortune and you can actually be up and running and seeing results in a matter of weeks."

The revamped Attractions.io blog will be pivotal for making our mission a reality. We have exciting plans to share much more informative and insightful content over the coming months. Subscribe now to get our latest news and insights, straight to your inbox.

What’s Next?

Head over to the site and explore for yourself. If you're a visitor attraction and curious how a mobile apps could work for your attraction, please get in touch here: contact us

October 2019

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