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Ellen Wilkinson
June 2021

Are you able to connect with guests whilst they are on-site? Or do you lose track of them once they walk through the gates? On average, 50% of an attraction’s revenue is generated by secondary guest spend, so if you’re focusing on guest numbers instead of optimising your on-site experience, you could be missing out on valuable revenue.

Using digital technology, such as a guest-facing mobile app or guest experience platform, you can finally start to influence guest behaviour on-site and use custom messaging to connect with the right guests at the right time. But with so many tools out there, it can be challenging to know how to kickstart your digital strategy. 

That’s why we’re offering free digital audits this summer for attractions wanting to learn how to leverage digital technology to maximise their on-site guest experience. So whether you’ve already got tools in place, are just getting started or want to learn more about a particular capability, like virtual queuing, we can help. 

What is a digital audit?

A digital audit is a complete review of your on-site guest experience, with a specific focus on your use of digital tools to understand guest behaviour and build meaningful connections with guests. 

We’ll look at your performance against key industry metrics, like guest spend, satisfaction, repeat visitation and brand advocacy to highlight what’s working well, alongside areas for improvement. 

What can we help with?

We can review your entire guest journey or advise on particular areas of concern, such as:

  • Simplifying your admissions process
  • Using direct messages to increasing on-site spending 
  • Improving guest satisfaction and your NPS 
  • Collecting and using data to understand guest behaviour
  • Using digital technology to enhance your physical experiences 

Why should I book a spot?

Technology has changed the way we experience the world. Nowadays, our smartphones are more powerful than most computers, and as a consequence, we’re used to having everything we need at our fingertips. Instant gratification is the norm, and tolerance for friction is at an all-time low. However, attractions need to adapt to this changing landscape, rather than being fearful of it.

Using digital technology to connect your physical experiences to your digital world, you can think like an online business and influence guest satisfaction, spend and brand advocacy like never before. You’ll maximise the worth of every guest, making sure every single visit counts towards reaching your goals.

Over the past ten years, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading attractions reimagine their guest experiences using a Make Every Visit count mindset. And they’ve had some pretty incredible results:

  • Our attractions see their ATV for F&B increase by an average of 42% 
  • The average NPS increase for attractions using our platform is 11%
  • 97% of users say our mobile apps are a useful aid during their visit 

During your audit, we’ll share best practice recommendations so that you can unlock the benefits of a digital guest experience and learn how to influence guests at each step in their journey so that you can achieve these successes.

How is the audit structured?

Step 1: Once you’ve booked your appointment, one of our technology specialists will reach out with a few preliminary questions such as, what your focus areas are for the next year and what challenges you face when planning a digital strategy. This helps with our research and makes sure we help you tackle the issues that will be most impactful to your organisation. 

Step 2: Then, we’ll hop on a call for your 30-minute review session. During this session, your technology specialist will get to know your attraction better and show you how to turn your goals into an action plan that’s easy to implement and helps you drive that all important guest spend. 

Step 3: Following the session, we’ll share your bespoke audit report with recommendations for short, mid and long term actions.

Ready to make every visit count?

You can book your audit here and one of our technology experts will be in touch the following day. 

Ellen Wilkinson

Marketing Manager and Zoo Enthusiast
June 2021

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