Using your app to keep guests informed during COVID-19

How to use your mobile app to notify guests of updates or closures due to COVID-19
March 2020

With many attractions experiencing disruptions or suspensions to their operations due to COVID-19, it's never been more important to communicate effectively with your guests throughout this difficult time.

If your attraction has a mobile app, there are a number of ways it can help ensure guests who have planned to visit, or have perhaps purchased tickets, are kept informed and aware of how to contact you.

Whether you’re currently operating as usual or have been forced to close, here are our top tips on how to communicate effectively:

1: Ensure your opening times are up to date

Opening times are the first thing guests will look for when viewing the app if they are planning to visit. Your app may link through to your website if you have a dedicated page for this, so start there and make sure the opening hours reflect any changes or temporary closures that may have been unplanned. Even if nothing has changed, you may want to call out that you remain open to reassure guests that the page is up to date.

You may also be able to configure the opening times that display directly within your app. If you’re using the platform, don’t forget to update both your general opening times and any specific overrides you’ve set up for individual points of interest.

2: Set up a custom message to display on your app’s home screen

Setting up a message to show on the main screen of your app is great for users who are looking for information quickly. It shows that the app content is up-to-date and will reassure customers that you’re on top of the situation.

in-app message for Coronavirus info

Within the platform, you can use a featured content card and create a message that’s linked to either an in-app information page, or to a webpage if you already have one set up.

3: Update your information section

If you have an in-app area for information and FAQs, ensure that you acknowledge the outbreak and the actions you’re taking or have taken. This is a good opportunity to answer frequently asked questions or give more fine-grained advice to specific audiences, such as guests who have already booked with you.

COVID-19 In-app message

Within the platform, you can immediately create and publish these changes, along with re-ordering the information flow to prioritise this information, from the info pages area.

Update COVID-19 FAQs

​4: Send a push message to off-site or on-site users

One of the best methods to notify guests who may not be aware of closures is to send them a push message.

Push messages can also be used to notify on-site guests on how to keep safe, and where guidance can be sought at your attraction or resort if they have any questions.

We'd recommend you use these sparingly in both cases and notify guests that you will provide further guidance if the situation changes.

We hope this guidance is helpful, but if you do have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to reach out — our team are here and ready to help in any way we can during these challenging times.

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March 2020

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