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Our Story

As ride operators and guests with young families, our founders saw firsthand how frustrations like getting lost and incorrect wait times could break an otherwise magical experience.

They envisioned a future where everything they needed during their visit was seamlessly connected, and personalised for their needs. In a world of customised online experiences, why should real-world experiences be any different?

Existing solutions were siloed and offered little continuity for guests. They needed a connected end-to-end platform that could help them learn about guests' behaviour and use this insight to enhance their experience. They couldn't find one. So they built

Today, the mobile app platform and SDKs connect operators to guests at more than 70 attractions, across 4 continents and in 12 languages. We're trusted by the world's largest entertainment companies, including Merlin Entertainments, Butlin's, and San Diego Zoo.

 Mobile app platform for visitor attractions
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Our Values

From product development to our culture and relationships, our core values inform all that we do.
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We challenge because we care

Our commitment to super-powering the guest experience shapes how we interact with customers, colleagues and peers. We encourage questions, feedback and out-of-the box thinking to drive innovation.

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We focus on impact

We enhance some of the most memorable and magical moments in people's lives. We are thoughtful and clear in our objectives and make choices that maximise the chances of bringing our vision to life.

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We craft delightful experiences

Whether it’s the experience of using our product, buying our software or onboarding as a new hire— we craft delightful experiences that exceed expectations. Our commitment to beautiful, intuitive design is reflected in everything we do.

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We generate smiles

We're in the business of FUN, and we never lose sight of why our work matters — we're making the guest experience better, one smile at a time. We don't take ourselves too seriously, celebrate our wins and have fun along the way.

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