Re-imagining the digital guest experience at Butlin’s

Butlin’s is on a mission to deliver an altogether more entertaining break for UK holidaymakers. Discover how the platform and companion mobile app helps guests have unforgettable breaks.
Butlin’s is on a mission to deliver an altogether more entertaining break for UK holidaymakers. Discover how the platform and companion mobile app helps guests have unforgettable breaks.
360,000+ downloads in 8 months
4.7-star rating on App Store
Up to 98% of pre-book activities booked via the app



Butlin’s has been delighting UK holidaymakers with its fun-filled family getaways for over 80 years. Its iconic resorts in Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness are famous for their live entertainment, all-day activities and Big Weekenders for adults, making it an unforgettable destination for adults and children alike. Every year, over 1.5 million guests head to a Butlin’s resort for an exciting escape with their loved ones.

The Challenge

Quick to realise the benefits that a mobile app would have on their guest experience, Butlin’s launched a mobile booking platform in 2018 that enabled guests to pre-book paid activities. As popularity of the platform increased amongst guests, the team introduced two additional services: a mobile food ordering solution and an online activity booking service that let guests book free activities a week before their break.

However, having three separate platforms meant guests had to use multiple apps to manage their schedules. To simplify the user experience and gain access to a broader range of features,  the team engaged with a brief to consolidate their respective services into a unified guest experience platform.

“Before introducing in-app activity booking, guests spent the first day of their break queuing to book activities on resort. As you can imagine this wasn’t a holiday highlight. Now, our guests can plan their entire itinerary before they arrive and pre-book activities through the app, so they can start making memories with their family from the moment they get to the resort.”
Jacqui French
Digital Product Manager (Apps) at Butlin’s

The Solution

“We heard about the work were doing with brands like Merlin Entertainments. Although our requirements differed, there was a clear connection between the platform’s capabilities, how it acts as a companion across the entire guest journey and our aspirations for the Butlin’s mobile experience,” explains Jacqui.

Working closely with’s delivery team, Butlin’s opted for an all-in-one guest companion that provides the consolidated activity booking they require, alongside the benefits of’s core app solution. This package includes in-app messaging, mobile wayfinding and interactive itineraries to transition guests seamlessly from pre-visit preparation to their on resort experience. Behind the scenes, the team at Butlin’s also have access to’s CMS, giving them the ability to update app content, like offers, activity schedules and points of interest in real-time.

New and improved activity bookings

Using the new solution, guests can plan and book the whole resort experience in one place, at one time. Free and paid for activities and shows are bookable before arrival, but if plans change – it’s no problem! Guests can make adjustments or book new shows or activities whilst on the resort.

Alongside the improved guest experience, Butlin’s is enjoying the commercial benefits of their new solution. Now that guests no longer spend their intake day booking activities, Butlin’s can offer paid activities on arrival days and drive secondary spend on-resort.

"In a guest survey we conducted pre-pandemic, 70% of our guests told us they wanted to book activities further in advance using the mobile app. The platform has made that wish a reality, and we’re now looking to extend the activity booking window so guests can plan their trip even earlier," Jacqui explains.

"From internal research, we know that resort spending increases when guests spread the cost of their holiday over several months. In addition to enhancing our guest experience, the app is already proving its ROI in this way.”

A collaborative approach

The Butlin’s team weren’t just looking for a great feature set; they needed a platform that would evolve alongside their digital strategy and match the pace of a large organisation.

“One of the things we value most about is their ability to look ahead, evaluate guest needs and develop the product in line with changing expectations – which takes the pressure off our internal teams having to do that scoping work. We’re able to have honest, collaborative conversations with a team that takes the time to understand the needs of our business and our goals for the platform. Now we’ve partnered with, our digital guest experience is far more agile and constantly evolves using a guest-centric approach.” – Jacqui French, Digital Product Manager, Apps at Butlin’s

In focus: how are Butlin’s supporting the end-to-end guest journey with their mobile apps?

Improving activity booking was the top priority for the team at Butlin’s. Now that guests can pre-book free and paid activities with ease using the platform, they’re turning their attention to the entire guest experience.

Their resort apps accompany guests across every touchpoint in their journey, starting during the consideration phase and continuing once they’ve departed for home. And while guests explore the resort, the app collates insights relating to their behaviour and activity, which the team use to make operational enhancements (like staffing decisions) that improve guests experiences.

Visualising the digital guest journey at Butlin’s

Butlin's mobile app accompanies guests at every stage of the visitor journey. From the moment they consider booking a break through to departure day, the team can communicate directly with guests  to share helpful info and offers. Here's how the app accompanies guests at each touchpoint:

The Results

Butlin’s rolled out their solution in March 2021, meaning the team was all set when attractions were given the green light to re-open in May. In the six months that followed, the average app store rating for a Butlin’s app climbed to 4.7 stars from a previous rating of 2.8. Impressive for a short – and unusual – season!

Thanks to the new solution from, even more guests can start their holiday from the moment they arrive on-site, and the days of waiting in line are quickly disappearing. To date, over 360,000 people have downloaded a Butlin’s app, and up to 98% of bookable activities are now pre-booked using

11,000 users one month after launch
4.7 Stars
App Store Rating
Up to 98%
Of pre-book activities booked via the app

“ have been incredible to work with throughout the launch process, and the team remains a constant source of support, advice, and guidance now that we’re into the operational delivery phase. Acting as an extension of our digital team, their outcome-focused and consultative approach has enabled us to deliver the exact functionality we need under the tightest of timelines. Working with has helped us develop a long- term digital strategy that delivers the highest impact to our guests. We would highly recommend as a partner and an extension of your team.”
Jacqui French
Digital Product Manager (Apps) at Butlin’s


The platform enables real-world businesses to lead in the digital age. Our guest experience apps and powerful platform for operators provide world-renowned attractions like LEGOLAND, San Diego Zoo and Butlin’s with the tools and data they need to deliver better outcomes and experiences. From virtual queuing and interactive maps to enhanced communication with guests, we’ve got the know-how to future proof your attraction for the digital age.

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