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Delight your visitors by providing a tailored experience that removes common pain points in the guest journey and sets you apart from the competition.

Download the app

When users first launch your app, they're taken through a simple onboarding process to ensure everything's set up for the best possible experience.

Here users can register their details to receive future offers and promotions — growing your database with GDPR-compliant records.

Import your tickets

Your app is intelligent. If a user isn't at your attraction and doesn't have a visit planned, they're automatically presented with opening times and prices — making it easy find and purchase tickets, right from within the app.

Once purchased, tickets can easily be imported into your app's mobile wallet — either by entering the booking details or scanning a physical ticket or pass.

Plan your day

Your app helps to build anticipation and enables visitors to maximise their time with you by creating an itinerary for their day.

What's more, the app offers intelligent suggestions on what to do based on the members of each group.

Arrive on-site

Not only does your app give convenient access to directions using Google Maps and Apple Maps on the morning of a visit, it also adds a personal touch when you arrive.

As you enter the car park or approach the front gates, your app delivers a personalised welcome and offers some top-tips to maximise the fun.

Present your tickets

The last thing guests want to do when they arrive is wait in line to collect tickets.

With your app, guests already have their tickets stored in a mobile wallet and ready to go.

Explore and discover

Your guests have made it through the turnstiles and now the fun really begins!

Your app makes it easy to see where you are and discover everything around you. Users can quickly filter between categories or search for something specific.

Less queuing, more fun

If your attraction has wait times, remove the frustration of waiting in line by enabling guests to see live wait times and join a virtual queue instead of a physical line, all from within the app.

For show times, talk times, feeding times or any other scheduled events, your app makes it easy to setup reminders so that visitors don't miss out.

Get from A to B

Your app means that guests will never get lost again. The fastest route to anywhere at your attraction is just a tap away.

What's more, for those with wheelchairs or buggies, users can choose to avoid any uneven terrain around site — a huge accessibility win!

Order your lunch

When your guests start to feel hungry, your app is there to help.

Users can pre-order food and drink right from within the app and pay not only by credit card, but also Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Collect your lunch

Once the order is ready, users receive a notification and can head to the dedicated mobile collection counter.

Waiting around is a thing of the past.

Receive relevant notifications

Your app allows you to send the right message, to the right users, at the right time.

Inform guests of upcoming shows and events and connect with each guest on a personal level.

Access exclusive offers

For the very first time, your app allows you to influence guests once they're on-site with you.

Deliver exclusive app-based offers with flexible redemption options and unlock new revenue streams.

Check in to the hotel

Provide guests with a digital check-in experience, right from your app.

It's the easiest way to check-in, view your folio and check-out — without delay.

Give your feedback

How happy are your guests? What are the top areas with room for improvement?

Utilise your mobile app to find out, by giving users a platform to express their opinions.

Get a daily reading of guest satisfaction, and the data you need to best prioritise initiatives.

Phew, what a day!

With you can engage with guests through the entire guest journey and give your visitors an experience that sets you apart from the competition.

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