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Interactive Wayfinding

Help guests find the quickest routes to all their favourite attractions with interactive wayfinding that lets them pack even more activity into their day.

90% user adoption at our customers’ attractions.
95% reduction in printed maps and tickets – saving you thousands.
11% increase in NPS when guests use our apps.
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Getting from A to B never felt so easy

Guests are used to digital maps for driving, walking and exploring, so why should your attraction be different? Ditch the paper maps and provide real-time navigation that helps them make the most of their visit.

Help guests plan their day.

  • Create a friction-free, streamlined experience by adding must-see attractions, talks and events as points of interest on your interactive map.
  • Adding helpful information like opening hours shows times and height restrictions.
  • Categorise points of interest so that guests can filter and search according to their needs.
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in-app tailored directions and tilt and zoom

Tailored directions, whenever your guests need them

  • Allow guests to zoom, rotate and tilt for a detailed exploration of their surroundings.
  • Plot each attraction's precise entrance so that guests are always directed to the right place.
  • Calculate estimated walking times, so guests know exactly when to leave for their next show or virtual queuing slot.

Mark accessible routes

  • Flag uneven terrain so that guests can choose the best route for their access requirements.
  • Offer wheelchair and stroller friendly navigation by automatically suggesting accessible routes to users who opt-in.
  • Mark one-way systems so that guests can easily stick to your social distancing measures.
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in-app dynamic lighting and illustrations for mobile app

Immerse guests with dynamic lighting

  • Mirror the world around your guests with dynamic lighting that adjusts in real-time, perfect for after-dark events.
  • Add some festive flair to your maps with seasonal customisations, such as snowy landscapes for the holiday season or spooky icons for Halloween.
  • Make every detail in your map shimmer with realistic water reflections.
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Operator Benefits

Interactive wayfinding isn’t just another selling point for guests – As an attraction operator, it can help you reduce your overheads and open up a new communication channel.
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Go paperless and save thousands in printing costs

  • Reduce printing by up to 95% by switching to interactive maps and digital tickets.
  • Save thousands on printing fees – our customers save upwards of $50,000 by using our platform as an alternative to printing maps and tickets.
  • Lead the charge and help us make the attractions industry even greener.

Use wayfinding to increase app adoption, then promote other services

  • Increase app adoption rates by advertising your new mobile wayfinding.
  • Once guests are using the app, you have a unique opportunity to share offers, promotions and personalised content.
  • Drive guest spend and engagement via the app and influence the on-site guest experience like never before!
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How it Works

You’ve seen the benefits of mobile food ordering, now let's follow the guest journey and discover what a friction-free experience could look like.

Add all of your attractions

You add points of interest to your custom-made park map using Connect, the app management console.


Input useful information

Add helpful information, such as times for talks, activities, shows, and animal feeds, so that users can plan their entire day in the app without needing to pick up separate brochures.


Guests search the map

Guests browse points of interest before they arrive, using handy filtering options to help them plan their day.


Provide time to explore the park

Once on-site, they just select the POI they want to visit and use our GPS enabled wayfinding to find the quickest or most accessible route.


Send targeted communication

While they’re heading over, you use the app’s messaging tools to share customised offers & promotions that will make their experience unforgettable.

"We’ve been so impressed by how flexible and easy to use the platform is. We no longer have to throw away old resources because they’re outdated. Instead, we can adapt our map content instantly, which keeps it fresh for guests and helps us save money and resources. This year, we're expecting toreduce our printing costs by around $50,000."
Steve Marsicano, Digital Marketing Manager at ZooTampa at Lowry Park, Florida
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Connect your entire guest experience

Deliver fun-filled and friction-free days out for your guests with your ecosystem:
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See interactive wayfinding in action

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