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Messaging & Offers

Personalise your guests’ experiences by sending tailored messages and offers to the right guest, at the right time.

Create personalised, immersive experiences.
Increase guest satisfaction and your NPS.
Influence on-site spending like never before.
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Help guests make the most of their day

Create tailor-made messages and offers to enhance your guests' visit.

Create immersive experiences tailored to every guest

  • Welcome guests with a customisable message to start their experience with a bang.
  • Send reminders to promote popular shows, attractions and exhibits.
  • Let guests know which rides or attractions are quiet so they can make the most of their time.
in app messaging and notifications
in app education and notifications to inspire

Educate and inspire

  • Educate guests whilst they visit their favourite exhibits or enclosures.
  • Use Bluetooth Beacons to trigger messages at specific locations.
  • Follow up with push notifications that provide an option to learn more at home.
  • Drive donations to fundraisers by promoting initiatives in the app.

Anticipate their needs

in app food ordering and notification
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Influence guest behaviour on-site to drive spend and satisfaction

in-app only offers and push notification selling fast pass tickets

Drive spending with exclusive offers

  • Send timed or location-based offers to increase food orders through your app.
  • Sell more 'skip the line' passes by sending push notifications to guests in busy areas of the park.
  • Send messages offering animal experiences and adoptions to guests around the tigers and monkeys.

Connect with the right message at the right time

  • Use guest data and demographic information to tailor communications to the recipient.
  • Choose to send instantly, schedule ahead of time or set to recur.
  • Add Bluetooth Beacons to trigger notifications at specific locations.
heat map platform to aid message choice
build in app messages and notifications on platform

Simplify your content management

  • Create new messages in seconds using our app management console.
  • Edit existing messages in a few clicks and roll out the changes instantly.
  • Update maps, venue information and activities from one convenient location.
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How it Works

You’ve seen the benefits of in-app messaging and offers, now let's follow the guest journey and discover what a friction-free experience could look like.

Ride operators log into the app management console

Empower ride operators to log accurate wait times quickly and easily.

Learn more

Update key information

Add queue times, ride closures and custom status messages to the app and give guests all the information they need to make the most of their day.

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Push updates to the app instantly

Guests will see updates instantly, so they’ve always got up-to-date information to use when deciding on their next thrill.

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Monitor ride statuses

View the status of each ride from the console, including the current queue time and any planned downtime. Then download reports to compare performance over time.

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Success Story

By utilising Bluetooth beacons and push notifications, the team at ZooTampa have been able to blend digital and real-life touch points to educate guests on how they can help animals at the Zoo. Now, when guests visit one of their animal enclosures, they receive a customised message explaining what they can do to help or notifying them about current fundraising initiatives. 

By sharing these tips with guests at the enclosure and sending push notifications once they’ve left, ZooTampa is helping local communities coexist with nature more effectively.

ZooTampa sending boating tips via notifications
“When people visit the zoo, they see these beautiful animals up close, often for the first time. At that moment, if a message pops up saying, ‘you can help these animals in the wild by buying sustainable palm oil,’ that really resonates. We make that connection through the app so that when they leave the zoo, they go back into it and check what they can do to help.”
Sandra Torres, Director of Communications and External Affairs at Zoo Tampa, Florida
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Connect your entire guest experience

Deliver fun-filled and friction-free days out for your guests with your ecosystem:
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In-app Photos

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