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Mobile Food Ordering

Wave goodbye to standing in line and say hello to ordering food, drinks and snacks from anywhere!

55% of consumers prefer contactless ordering.
Up to 40% increase in average transaction value.
1 in 6 average in abandoned orders recovered.
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Help guests make the most of their day

Create more time for adventures by freeing guests from long lunchtime queues.

Ditch the queues

  • Minimise ‘wasted’ time spent waiting in line to order or collect food.
  • Reduce pressure when ordering by giving guests unlimited time to view the menu, save baskets and continue with their order when ready.
  • Promote social distancing by reducing crowds at peak times.
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Order now, collect later

  • Let guests order meals, snacks and drinks from any on-site outlet, wherever they are! Or order directly to the table in restaurants with table service.
  • Guests choose when to have their order prepared, giving them complete flexibility over their itinerary.
  • Guests receive an automated notification when their order is ready, so they don’t waste a minute!

Effortless & convenient

  • Go cashless and enable guests to pay from their mobile wallet or smart device with support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDeal and more.
  • Add useful information and allergens to support guests with dietary requirements.
  • Limit interactions with communal touchscreens for true contract-free ordering.
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Operator Benefits

Increase operational efficiency, order volume and average transaction values.
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Drive spending with exclusive F&B offers

  • Our research found that implementing mobile food ordering increases ATV by up to 40%.
  • Encourage guests to add to their basket by up-selling meal deals and cross-selling additional items.
  • View food and beverage reports to identify the most popular items, outlets and promotions.

Reduce abandoned transactions

  • Remind guests to complete their order with in-app reminders that link back to their basket.
  • Recover 1 in 6 abandoned orders on average.
  • Use offers and exclusive discounts to tempt disengaged users into buying.
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Optimise your kitchen operations

  • We will integrate with your existing KDS and POS systems, or you can get started with our own.
  • Understand demand and optimise staffing levels accordingly.
  • Work smarter by viewing orders in real-time to see what needs to be prepared next.
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How it Works

You’ve seen the benefits of mobile food ordering, now let's follow the guest journey and discover what a friction-free experience could look like.

Guests can search for outlets and order via the app.

Guests browse your food & beverage providers and create a basket at their favourite outlet. Meanwhile, you highlight related items and promote upsell opportunities like meal deals and larger sizes


They pay using their mobile wallet or credit card.

No more searching for an on-site ATM or fumbling for loose change, thanks to convenient contactless payments


Guests choose when their order is prepared.

Guests stay in complete control and can choose to have their food prepared immediately or set a reminder for later.


Your kitchen receives the order.

The order is automatically shown on your kitchen display system so your team can prepare it for the specified time. Meanwhile, your guests continue exploring your attraction and making memories.


Guests collect the order or have it brought out straight to their table.

Guests receive a push notification when their order is ready so they can head over to the collection point. Alternatively, for restaurants with table service, orders can be brought out as soon as they’re ready.


Monitor and track spending with easy-to-use reports.

Download monthly F&B reports to analyse trends in guest spending and identify new promotional strategies that consider popular items and outlets.

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Connect your entire guest experience

Deliver fun-filled and friction-free days out for your guests by adding mobile food ordering to your ecosystem:
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In-app Photos

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See mobile food ordering in action

Book a demo to discover how mobile food ordering can help your attraction improve the guest experience, increase revenue and understand on-site spending like never before.
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