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Drive revenue and increase the ROI of your marketing efforts

Marketers are best placed to own the end-to-end guest experience, not just focus on admissions. Take control with a guest-facing mobile app that drives revenue across the entire guest journey and consistently hit your targets year on year.

Our customers reach up to 100% guests with their mobile apps.
16x potential ROI just two months after launch based on customer data.
11% average increase in Net Promoter Score for parks using
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Hit your revenue targets, drive admissions and discover a reliable way of increasing per cap spend

When we spoke to marketing directors at the world’s leading attractions, two things stood out. The first; success means hitting your admissions target. The second; there’s no tried and tested method of influencing secondary spending on-site. So what’s the problem? 

Whether it’s the weather, the economy or a pandemic, you’re constantly affected by factors outside your control. However, if there was a demonstrable way of increasing spending on retail, food & beverage and VIP experiences, you could confidently commit to those revenue targets – and exceed them.  

We’ve designed our mobile app technology specifically to give marketers the tools they need to drive attendance AND increase revenues across the entire guest journey.

Whatsmore, we can help you quantify your efforts, so you’ve always got the data to justify your ROI. 

Attendance revenue + strong per capita spending = an unstoppable force for growth.

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Benefits for marketers

in-app notifications for promotions and heat map data

Think like an online business

You already track the visitors on your website and social media. Imagine if you could leverage that same technology while guests are on-site. 

Using a guest-facing mobile app, you can finally understand how guests move around your attraction and apply techniques perfected in the digital world, like user segmentation and targeting to your on-site experience.

  • Discover user demographics
  • Understand how guests experience your site to improve operational efficiency
  • Connect on-site to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns

Turn insight into action

Today’s guests rely on technology to help them shop, workout, celebrate and do just about anything! So why are experiences any different?

Unlock a wealth of customer data from app users and use these insights to reduce friction in the guest experience, maximise on-site spending and increase guest satisfaction.

  • Reduce frustration at entry points with digital ticketing
  • Use behavioural data to segment and target users with relevant events and promotions
  • Make day planning a breeze by adding showtimes, accessibility options, and ride wait times
in-app personalised experiences

Deliver the personalised experience your guests crave

Guests don’t want a one-size-fits-all approach; they want to connect with brands that speak to them as individuals. Use push notifications and Bluetooth Beacons to send targeted messages at the right time and the right place.

  • Personalise your messages in our app management console to create meaningful connections with guests
  • Send exclusive, targeted offers to active app users at the right moment in their guest journey
  • Grow loyalty and encourage repeat visitation by targeting off-site users

Increase revenue and boost your bottom line

Up to 50% of an attraction's revenue comes from secondary spending, so you need a way to maximise on-site transactions. helps you unlock revenue across your entire guest journey by providing tools that drive loyalty, retail spending and the average transaction value of your catering outlets.

  • Introduce mobile food ordering and increase ATV by as much as 42%
  • Send targeted ticket, and fast pass upsells at the optimal purchase time
  • Promote retail offers as guests are passing by, using location-based messaging
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