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Interactive Heat Maps

Your marketing team already use heat maps to monitor users online. Apply the same powerful insights to the on-site experience to deepen your understanding of the guest journey. 

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Learn what drives guests behaviour
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Make data-driven decisions
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Enhance operational efficiency
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Deepen your understanding of the on-site experience

Guest behaviour on-site doesn’t have to be a blind spot. Learn how guests experience your attraction with interactive heat maps that visualise guest flow across your attraction.

Get to know your guests

  • Get quick and accurate insights on how guests move around your attraction
  • Identify peak times for rides and themed areas
  • Filter by date and time to compare seasonality and hourly fluctuations
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Make data-driven decisions

  • Use guest flow insights to pinpoint the best spots for activities, restaurants and facilities
  • Identify low footfall areas and use in-app messaging to encourage guests to explore while it’s quiet
  • Use heatmaps in conjunction with guest feedback tools to better understand friction in the guest journey

Enhance operational efficiencies

  • Plan your next event using data visualisations to choose the perfect location
  • Re-distribute staff so that popular areas have full support at peak times
  • Leverage the data you need to make a business case for low-footfall areas in need of investment
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How it Works

Learn how to use Heat Maps to improve your understanding of guest behaviour
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Drive Adoption

Encourage guests to download your mobile app before they visit - the more users, the more accurate your heatmaps

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Request sharing permission

Ask users to consent to location sharing to ensure full GDPR/ data privacy compliance

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Guests visit and explore

As users explore your site, the app monitors their location and flow around the park. 

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Automatically collate insights

This data is anonymised and collated in the heatmaps tool in Connect, the app management console. 

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View insights in the app management console

As an operator, you can log in to view heatmap data for a specific time or date range.

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Improve your operational efficiency

And use this insight to improve planning, reduce crowding in hotspots and identify your most popular activities!

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Connect your entire guest experience

Use heatmap data to deliver fun-filled and friction-free days out for your guests, included in’s core mobile app.
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The Mobile App

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Mobile Food Ordering

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Mobile Wallet

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Virtual Queuing

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Messaging & Offers

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See our heatmaps in action

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