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User Segmentation

Personalise your guest experience and increase park revenue with user segmentation, included in's core app platform.

Unlock behavioural data
Personalise your campaigns
Create custom audiences
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Put personalisation at the heart of your guest experience.

Improve guests' experience of your attraction and increase revenue with's user segmentation tools. 

Unlike web analytics and user survey data, user segmentation allows marketers to understand what each user has experienced at the attraction before, during and after their visit, meaning you can finally connect every touchpoint in your guest journey.

Once you know this, you can develop personalised messaging for each segment and delight guests with an experience thats tailored to them.

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Create custom audiences for your campaigns.

Filter app users according to their visit history, location and more to build custom audiences for use in highly personalised, cross channel campaigns.

Create Custom Audiences.

  • Build or stack segments to group users with similar characteristics.
  • Create active segments that update in real-time as users engage with the app.
  • Choose from over 20 filters.

Personalise your guest communications.

  • Build retargeting lists that comply with data protection legislation.
  • Export lists for use in hyper-targeted, cross-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Increase commercial yields with offers and incentives tailored to your guests needs.
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How it Works.


Drive adoption.

Encourage guests to download the app prior to their visit and use features like wayfinding, activity planning and food ordering to improve their experience.


Request sharing permission.

While they explore, the app collates insights from guests who have consented to data sharing.


Unlock insights in Connect.

Using Connect,’s app management console, you can filter, compare and group users to further your understanding of the guest journey.


Create your segments.

Save filtered lists to create active segments that update in real-time and export compliant retargeting lists to your CRM or email management system.


Deliver highly targeted campaigns.

Target app users with messages and offers that appeal to their specific user segment, to boost revisitation and commercial yield.

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Connect your entire guest experience.

Deliver fun-filled and friction-free days out for your guests with your ecosystem:
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See user segmentation in action.

Book a demo to discover how user segmentation can help your attraction improve the guest experience, increase revenue and understand on-site spending like never before.
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