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Itinerary Day Planner

Enable guests to build an itinerary based on their group's interests, filter out unsuitable rides with height or age restrictions and sort by proximity or wait time.

Help guests plan their ultimate day out and find attractions they'll love.
Activities booked through the app appear ready in the planner.
Highlight upsell experiences through suggested daily activities.
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Get guests excited before they arrive

Help guests to plan their day and find attractions they'll love.

Build pre-visit excitement

  • Get guests excited before their visit by allowing them to plan out the fun in advance, building an itinerary of their favourites and seeing a countdown to their visit.
  • Help your guests discover the full range of activities in your park, with suggested points of interest custom to your attraction.
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in-app planning of activities

Intelligent suggestions to guests

  • Collect the details of each group, including height, age, and interests, to serve personalised suggestions on what to do.
  • Data from the day planner, such as intended visit dates and points of interest added to the plan, can target guests with highly relevant contentin-app and across other channels such as emails and ads.

Visualise your experiences

  • Guests can check items off from their planner as they go, conveniently re-organising the order based on queue times and show times.
  • With just a touch of a button, you can generate a map view of your day plan, making it easy for you to quickly navigate to everything you want to see.
in-app planning of activities
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How it Works

Itinerary day planners allow your guests to make the most of their visit, getting them excited post-visit and stress-free during:

Operators populate Points of Interest in the management system, Connect

Operation and marketing teams create exciting descriptions for their attractions, including ride height restrictions, show & talk times, and other links such as video content and activity purchasing.

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Guests plan their daily activities in-app in their own time and comfort

Guests plan their next visit to your attraction in their own time, setting the visit date, attendees' info, including name, age and height, along with their interests; 'thrill rides' or 'big cats', for example.

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Intelligent suggestions are displayed

Based on this information, you can display a range of attractions to your guests, sharing activities they will love to experience and personalise each visit for every guest.

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Tick off experiences and travel to the next

Guests can effortlessly get directions to their next point of interest and tick off experiences they've already had; this is perfect for ensuring nothing on-site is missed.

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Connect your entire guest experience

Deliver fun-filled and friction-free days out for your guests with your ecosystem:
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The Mobile App

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Mobile Wallet

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Food Ordering

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In-app Photos

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See itinerary day planning in action

Find out how attractions of all shapes and sizes are using the itinerary day planner to help improve the guest experience.
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