Revolutionise Your Ticketing & Admissions with VisiSoft

Maximise revenues and guests’ first impressions of your attraction with simple-to-use online ticketing that integrates with your branded mobile app.
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In-app ticket retrieval

Guests can easily import purchased tickets and memberships into the app’s digital wallet, either by barcode scanning or order lookup.

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Intelligent targeting

Encourage first-time visitors with in-app reminders and push notifications that signpost them to purchase tickets online.

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Offers and upgrades

Promote intelligent up-sell offers such as multi-day tickets, special events and season pass upgrades.

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Powerful insights

Use’s segmentation tools to analyse ticketing information alongside app user data and develop your understanding of guests’ behaviour, preferences and spending patterns.

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One app, endless possibilities

In addition to mobile ticketing, take advantage of a whole host of features that the platform offers, from wayfinding to mobile food ordering, targeted offers, and more.

Coupled with Visisoft’s ticketing, POS and payment processing solutions, this creates a seamless experience across the entire guest journey, pre, during and post-visit, creating countless opportunities for Visitor Attractions to reduce friction and increase guest satisfaction and spending.

About VisiSoft

VisiSoft is an integrated EPOS and online ticketing solution created for visitor attractions. We help tourist attractions to achieve their goals, improve their use of technology and create unforgettable memories for their visitors. VisiSoft helps to remove queues at the admissions desk with online ticketing and barcode ticket redemption, manage your catering & retail outlets with easy to use tills and direct stock integration, make more informed decisions faster with on-demand reporting and dashboards.

Visisoft is a complete online ticketing, membership management, EPOS, stock control, e-commerce and accounts integration system. From booking a ticket online to redeeming it at the till, buying a sandwich in the café or a magnet in the gift shop, we’ve got you covered.

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