2023 year in review: Celebrating achievements and highlighting our customers’ success

It's been a transformative year for us at Attractions.io. Read on to find out about our customer success stories, a roundup of our new features, and a sneak preview of what's to come in 2024.
Adam Catterall
December 2023

Season’s greetings and happy holidays! As we approach the end of a transformative year at Attractions.io, we're celebrating a 2023 marked by new relationships, innovations and remarkable customer successes.

Join us as we revisit the highs, lows and learnings of 2023 and explore some of the incredible ways our partners have elevated their guest experiences this year.

Customers took their guest experience to new heights in 2023

At the heart of this year's successes are the stories shared by our customers. From Alton Towers to Columbus Zoo, we've been helping our partners unlock the full potential of every visit. Collectively, we’ve achieved some incredible results, with highlights like:

  • 77% of registered users consenting to remarketing inside the app.
  • Achieving an average app store rating of 4.8 stars!
  • 77% of guests that left feedback telling us they had an incredible experience.
‘Over 90% of folks who have downloaded the app have allowed us to send them emails and information about upcoming events at the zoo, and over 30% have consented to us marketing to them directly within the app. It helps us keep people informed and encourage future visits and memberships.’ - Bob Mayes, Vice President of Technology Services at Columbus Zoo

All in all, 7 million new unique visitors used an app powered by Attractions.io to superpower their visit in 2023. For us, this is so much more than just a number, it's evidence of how digital technology can create even more memorable experiences for our guests.

New apps and new features

We spoke to our customers, prospects and industry leaders to understand what was at the top of your wishlist this year. And we delivered! This year, the Attractions.io platform grew to include:

  • Photo integration. In May, we partnered with PomVom to offer a new in-app photo integration for operators that allows them to sync their PomVom photo solution with the Attractions.io mobile app, giving guests more opportunities to view, purchase and share memorable moments from their visit.
  • Nighttime maps. In October, we launched our night mode for maps, featuring dynamic lighting that mirrors the ambient light within the park. Alton Towers were the first to enjoy this feature, adding an extra layer of spooky charm to their much-loved Scarefest event.
  • MapLayr. Most recently, we unveiled our new standalone map SDK at the IAAPA expo in Orlando. The new MapLayr SDK provides enterprise-grade mapping technology, and has already gone live with a top-five theme park group!

A growing global team

2023 hasn’t just been about the tech – our team have their own reasons to celebrate. In 2023, we announced our strategic partnership with SSA Group, launched our new partnerships program and doubled our employee headcount! We welcomed colleagues from across the globe, including a new US team to better support our North American customers, and a growing Customer Success team to help our customers achieve their new year goals. 

Amongst the many new faces, we welcomed Ted Ismert as our new COO, who brought over two decades of experience in designing and executing enterprise mobile solutions into the company. Ted’s already been making waves, lending his expertise to attractions and enriching our enterprise customer relationships.

What's next?

So, what’s on the horizon? As we head into 2024, we're focusing our attention on 'Multi-Level Maps’. This new map style will offer layered views of complex attractions to enhance the exploration of intricate environments. 

“Venues with multiple levels are not easy to navigate, and they’re rarely linear experiences. By leveraging our deep understanding of the end-to-end guest experience at cultural attractions, we’ve built a multi-level mapping tool that’s tailored to the attractions sector, unlike many of the available out-of-the-box solutions on the market right now. 
Optimising wayfinding at these intricate experiences will really help to ease many of the frustrations guests typically experience during their visits, especially for guests with children who want to run straight to the exhibit or activity that interests them the most!” - Peter O’Dare, Head of Product, Attractions.io

In 2024, we’re also expanding the rollout of nighttime maps to our Android platform, adding more third-party integrations to our ecosystem and offering enhanced support to integration partners.

As we reflect on these achievements, we're reminded of the role technology plays in creating unforgettable real-world experiences, and driving success for our customers. Stepping into 2024, we're inspired by the impact we've had and are excited for even greater achievements in the year ahead. See you in next year!


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Adam Catterall

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December 2023
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