Our new partnership with Pomvom increases secondary spending and your social reach. Find out more about our launch at Alton Towers.

The new integration creates more opportunities for guests to view, purchase and share their visit media, helping to influence that all-important secondary spend.
Ellen Wilkinson
May 2023

We've teamed up with PomVom to offer a new in-app photo integration for operators using the Attractions.io’s platform. The integration allows operators to sync their PomVom photo solution with the Attractions.io mobile app, giving guests a convenient, connected platform that manages their entire experience. 

Gone are the days of making an on-the-spot decision about buying photos–and then carrying them around all day. The in-app photo tool offers guests unlimited consideration time, with visit media remaining visible in the app long after guests have left your attraction. This eliminates the conflict guests often feel about making a quick and rushed decision to purchase a photo at an on-site kiosk or getting in line for their next experience.

Guests can view all their available media via the photo tab in the app and purchase their favourites using Apple Pay, their Google Wallet or standard card payment.

Your guest is your influencer

With social media ensuring that visual decision-making is more common than ever, your guests get inspiration from social posts shared by their friends and peers. 

This user-generated content is far more powerful than any paid advertisement. Not only do we instinctively trust our friends and family, but we also find it easier to imagine ourselves enjoying an experience when we see those we identify with having a great time. 92% of us believe recommendations from people we know over any other type of ad.

Attractions.io’s photo integration with PomVom helps you leverage this user-generated content. Once guests have purchased their photos through the app, they can share them instantly on their favourite social media platforms to relive their memories with friends and family.

sharing on ride photos through a mobile app

An impressive launch at Alton Towers

Alton Towers Resort, the UK’s largest theme park and a long-standing customer of Attractions.io and PomVom, launched in-app photos earlier this year following a successful trial during the Resort’s Christmas event.

"We view our mobile app as the foundation of our digital guest experience. Collaborating with Attractions.io and PomVom to bring photos into the Alton Towers App represents the next step in building the ultimate digital companion for guests," said Chris Wilson, E-commerce Manager at Alton Towers. "Launched for the 2023 season, the new photo feature is already proving to be a fantastic digital option for guests visiting the Resort. It provides them with the perfect memento of their day, ensuring they have cherished memories to take home and share with friends and family.”

In-app photos complement a suite of tools that Attractions.io have rolled out in the past six months, including hotel check-in capabilities and expanded native payment integrations.

“These enhancements have transformed the app into an invaluable tool for guests visiting our attraction, who can manage their entire experience from their mobile," Wilson shared.

Connecting the end-to-end guest experience

Attractions.io and PomVom are delighted to bring this new integration to the market and help other attractions leverage user-generated content and in-app photo purchases to drive revenue.

“By integrating PomVom into the Attractions.io ecosystem, we are excited to offer attractions an additional opportunity to increase secondary spending and broaden their social reach," said Peter O’Dare, Head of Product at Attractions.io."PomVom were already doing great work to digitise the photo experience. Connecting their solution with our end-to-end experience platform makes it easier for guests to manage their experience and gives operators the greater ability to influence purchases. By using the photo integration in conjunction with our segmentation and messaging tools, operators can encourage guests to buy and share their media, even after they have left for the day."
"We're excited to work with Attractions.io to deliver a seamless and engaging photo experience to mobile app users," explained Brendan Hegarty, Managing Director at PomVom. "Our photo solutions are designed to enhance the overall guest experience and enable attractions to unlock new revenue streams. We're thrilled to see the positive feedback from our launch at Alton Towers and look forward to helping more attractions achieve similar success."

To learn more about the integration, click here.

About PomVom

PomVom is a leading provider of photo solutions for the attractions industry. The company's technology enables attractions to capture, share and monetise guest memories. PomVom's products include on-ride photos, roaming photos, and green screen experiences. By seamlessly connecting guests to their media, Pomvom ensures more memories can be cherished and shared, in real-time and beyond. For more information, please visit PomVom.

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Ellen Wilkinson

Head of Marketing
May 2023
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