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Hotel Bookings

After a hard day's exploring, your guests want to hop straight into bed. Check them in automatically to eliminate unnecessary waiting around.

Make and view their reservation in their digital wallet.
Offer contactless check-in.
Send room updates in real-time.

Hotel bookings made simple

  • Let guests check in directly from your mobile app and view their reservation from their digital wallet, alongside their day tickets.
  • Encourage upgrades with in-app add-ons and offers that are exclusively available to hotel guests.
  • Take convenient in-app payments using Apple Pay, Stripe or Adyen.
in-app hotel reservations
contactless check in at hotel provider

Your contactless concierge

  • Offer contactless online check-in to minimise waiting time at the hotel reception. Guests can check in during the day and head straight to their room on arrival.
  • Our smart concierge provides directions to the hotel, highlighting the best entrance based on your guest's current location.

Room updates in real-time

  • Notify guests if their room is ready with in-app messaging.
  • Keep guests up-to-date with their booking status, using push notifications to remind them of check-in, breakfast and check-out times.
  • Coming soon: Send targeted offers based on your guest’s check-in and check-out dates.
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How it Works

Using our hotel booking couldn’t be simpler. Setup in five quick steps:

Guests search for their booking reservation details and import them in-app when wifi is available.


Guests can view booking details and a map of the hotel from their device.


And are prompted to check-in remotely when their room is available.


The app provides directions directly to the door.


Once they arrive, their keycard is ready and waiting for them, helping them head straight to the room. 

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Connect your entire guest experience

Deliver fun-filled and friction-free days out by adding hotel bookings to your ecosystem:
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Hotel Bookings

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Get the entire guest experience, in the palm of your hands, with the addition of hotel reservations to your feature list.
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