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Hunderfossen Family Park is adding extra magic to visitor experiences, thanks to their new guest-facing mobile app. Find out how going digital is keeping families laughing, smiling and living in the moment!
Ellen Wilkinson
May 2021

Known as the fairytale land of Norway, Hunderfossen Family Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Boasting over 60 rides, a legendary fairytale palace, a children's farm and an on-site hotel and campsite, there are plenty of activities to help families create magical moments. By partnering with to launch a new guest-facing mobile app, Hunderfossen is hoping to help guests make the most of their time together:

"As a family park, our goal is to help families meet up, smile and laugh together. We don't want them to spend the day staring at their phones, but a good and efficient app helps them to relax and have even more fun together" -Geir Sondre Dahle, Web Manager at Hunderfossen.

The new mobile app will create a connected experience for guests, who can access interactive maps, activity schedules and real-time messaging directly from their mobile device. So whether they're relaxing at the hotel, exploring one of the park's attractions or planning their next lunch spot, they have the tools to make every minute of their visit count. 

Behind the scenes, going digital has presented a new opportunity to influence guests whilst they are on-site, a challenge familiar to most amusement parks. By sharing targeted content, push notifications and personalised offers to guests, Hunderfossen can encourage increased spending, repeat custom and much more.

hunderfossen guest happy with her experience

Geir Sondre Dahle, Web Manager at Hunderfossen said:

"I've always said that we don't want to have an app, just to tick a box. It has to give the guest something more than a printed park map or the website; it should give them a better experience in the park. With the app, we can communicate targeted information to our guests. If there's an offer or a show that we think they'll like, we share it with them instantly. The flexibility of the app is another great advantage. We're no longer bound to one printed map made a month before the season. If things change, we can update our content in the app immediately, so it's always 100% relevant for the guest. Reducing the number of printed maps and flyers in favour of digital alternatives benefits the guest, the park and the environment- it's a win-win!"

Jacob Thompson, Head of Business Development at, added: 

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Hunderfossen on the next step of their digital journey. As a family park, Hunderfossen view their app as a tool to help guests create better memories together and that's music to our ears. We passionately believe that technology can enhance real-life experiences, rather than distract us from them and we're excited to be working with Hunderfossen to help them achieve this goal." 

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Ellen Wilkinson

Content specialist, zoo enthusiast and french bulldog [s]mother
May 2021

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