Mobile apps and the art of the possible – presented at Blooloop V-Expo

Learn how to leverage the untapped potential of mobile apps to create new commercial opportunities & thrive in the new normal
October 2020

Guest expectations have changed. Driven by changing consumer demographics and the rise of a digitally-native population, and accelerated by COVID-19, 2020 has created a very different landscape for visitor attractions to adapt to. Smart operators must now review their operational priorities, processes and use of technology to remain relevant in an increasingly digital-first world.

The high levels of personalisation and instant gratification that the in-home entertainment industry delivers, combined with technology enhancements in many other aspects of consumer life has set a new standard for customer experiences. The out-of-home entertainment sector, including visitor attractions must now match this standard in the guest experiences they deliver. Technology that facilitates personalisation, improves communication and eliminates common sources of frustration is no longer a nice-to-have, its now an integral part of the visitor experience.

Mobile apps and the guest experience

This session, presented by our Founder & CEO Mark Locker at Blooloop V-expo, explores how visitor attractions can use mobile apps to deliver the connected experiences that today's visitors expect, while unlocking commercial opportunities to help them thrive in the new normal.

Watch the recording now to find out how app technology can help you:

  • Create a seamless, connected experience at every stage of the guest journey; before during and after their visit
  • Communicate with visitors while they're on site with you
  • Deliver personalisation at scale, based on interests, on-site behaviour or location
  • Eliminate the biggest sources of guest frustration including queuing and getting lost
  • Unlock new opportunities to increase on-site spend
  • Increase guest satisfaction and drive positive feedback & reviews
  • Understand guest flow and unlock insights to inform operational decisions.

Interested in learning more about the results a mobile app could deliver for your attraction? Take a look at our brochure to find out more:


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October 2020

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Find out how attractions of all shapes and sizes are deploying mobile apps to improve the guest experience, increase revenue and unlock visitor insights.

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