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Live Ride Updates

When guests aren’t waiting to ride, they’re out exploring your attraction! Provide real-time updates so that they can squeeze as much adventure into their day as possible

90% app adoption when live queue times are utilised
11% average increase in Net Promoter Scores
96% of guests say the app was a valuable tool during their visit
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Limit guest frustrations

Minimise frustration and help guests to make the most of their time with you.

Provide real-time updates

  • Share live queue times so guests can choose the best time to ride 
  • Unlock new revenue streams by sending notifications encouraging fast pass sales
  • Support guests without the app and share queue times to digital signage on-site
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Manage downtime proactively

  • Bad weather? Ride maintenance? Give guests a heads up in advance
  • Notify guests of ride closures and set a custom status message to them informed
  • Send alerts to your maintenance and engineering teams as soon as an issue is reported

Make data-driven operational enhancements

  • Monitor wait times, ride utilisation and more in the app management console
  • Analyse feedback based on how long guests have waited to identify sources of friction in the guest experience
  • Take a data-driven approach to guest behaviour – send push notifications to boost guest numbers in quiet areas of the park
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How it Works

In your fast-paced environment things change quickly and you need flexible ways to respond. Our live ride updates help you keep guests informed, so they're never caught out by closures and queues. Setting up is simple:

Ride operators log into the app management console

Empower ride operators to log accurate wait times quickly and easily.

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Update key information

Add queue times, ride closures and custom status messages to the app and give guests all the information they need to make the most of their day.

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Push updates to the app instantly

Guests will see updates instantly, so they’ve always got up-to-date information to use when deciding on their next thrill.

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Monitor ride statuses

View the status of each ride from the console, including the current queue time and any planned downtime. Then download reports to compare performance over time.

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Connect your entire guest experience

Providing live ride updates is just one way to optimise your guest experience. Connect your guests entire journey by combining it with the complete ecosystem:
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The Mobile App

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Mobile Food Ordering

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Mobile Wallet

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Virtual Queuing

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Messaging & Offers

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See live ride updates in action

Find out how attractions of all shapes and sizes are providing live ride updates to improve the guest experience.
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