Virtual Queuing

Remove your number one guest complaint and dramatically improve the on-site experience with virtual queuing.

Improve guest experience

Give your guests more free time to make the most of their visit 

Streamline operations

Operate smarter with a system that does all the heavy lifting for you

Unlock insights

See what’s working and make data-driven decisions, in real-time

Say goodbye to long lines

No more hours wasted standing in long queues — delight your guests with an app that enables them to wait virtually instead.

Simply join queues with the tap of a button and receive a notification when it’s your turn.

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84% of theme park visitors would prefer to use virtual queuing than waiting in a physical queue
— Survey 2018

Get social distancing right

Remove the challenge of keeping groups separate within long physical lines while social distancing measures remain in place.

Demonstrate agility and leadership to build positive brand association and maintain guest confidence in a post-COVID-19 world.

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virtual queuing social distancing
virtual queue ticket upgrade

Boost secondary spend

Unlock new revenue streams by introducing ‘skip the line’ upgrades and facilitate friction-free, cashless payments using Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Better still, with guests spending less time in lines, there’s more time for spending on retail and food and beverage.

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“You can see that these guys have really thought about this app. From the great visuals to the brilliant way that virtual queue function works. A clever innovation indeed!”
Average app store rating of 4.8 stars

Provide a unified, branded experience

Free your guests from the unwelcome distraction of needing to interact with multiple systems during their visit.

Our virtual queuing technology is built into our tried and tested mobile app solution, providing an end-to-end experience that adds value for guests throughout their entire visit.

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virtual queuing guest experience
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Configure the solution to your needs

Fit virtual queuing into your operations, not the other way around.

With flexible configurations for different operational needs, setup is easy.

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Paultons Park Mobile App
“Virtual Queuing has been an absolutely gamechanger. Our guests love it, our operations team love it. This is a perfect example of how technology is integral to transforming the guest experience for the better”
Kieran Harvey

Global Digital Director, Merlin Entertainments

Solve logistical challenges with ease

Bad weather? Unplanned downtime? No problem!

Manage downtime proactively with flexible guest recovery options, including automatic compensation and manual options to credit users with minutes or free ride passes if a ride breaks down.

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Virtual queuing guest recovery
With our enterprise-grade infrastructure and 24/7 365 support, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you’re in safe hands.
virtual queuing app wristbands

Support physical queues and non-app users

Not every ride or activity at your attraction will require a virtual queue so our solution is built to work alongside physical queues, giving you full flexibility. Better still, thanks to an intuitive guest scanning app for operators, there’s no physical hardware installation required, making implementation easy.

What about guests without smartphones? No problem. The solution supports alternatives such as wristbands too.

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Connect the dots

Leverage rich reporting to monitor key metrics around revenue, wait times, ride throughput, ride utilisation and more. Keep stakeholders informed by creating intuitive dashboards and use real-time operational alerts to make data-driven decisions, quickly.  

Understand your guests better by unlocking powerful insights such as analysing feedback based on how long guests have waited.

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See Virtual Queuing in action

Find out how attractions of all shapes and sizes are deploying mobile apps to improve the guest experience, increase revenue and unlock visitor insights.
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