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Virtual Queuing

Waiting in line? That’s so 2019. Let guests explore while they wait and reduce the No.1 source of frustration on-site.

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Complaint from guests are long lines


Increase in rides given per hour


Prefer virtual queues to waiting in line
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Increase guest satisfaction

The number of rides per guest directly influences your NPS – help guests increase their ride time.

Say goodbye to never-ending lines

  • Free guests to explore the rest of your park and squeeze more thrills into their day
  • Minimise contact and promote social distancing by removing some physical lines
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Help guests find their way back when it's time to ride

  • Automatically send notifications when it’s their time to ride
  • Provide interactive directions from anywhere on-site to help guests reach the entrance on time

Increase secondary spend

  • Use direct messages and encourage guests to grab a bite to eat at nearby outlets while they wait
  • Increase revenue by sending fast pass notifications to guests approaching long lines
  • Use Bluetooth beacons to trigger exclusive discounts at nearby stores
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Operator Benefits

Simplified ride management for operators.
queue time management platform

Quick, effortless setup

  • Provide ride operators with our native operator app and eliminate the need for additional hardware
  • Quickly open, close or evacuate queues and update guests automatically
  • Compensate guests with free rides or passes if they are required to leave a queue

Configure the solution to your needs

  • Fit virtual queuing into your operations, not the other way around
  • Validate users by scanning tickets or a QR code to minimise system abuse
  • Enjoy 24/7 support and have total peace of mind for the high season and beyond
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Make data-driven operational enhancements

  • Stop manually monitoring queue times – the app combines throughput, queue numbers and holding area capacity and automatically updates riders
  • Factor in no shows and track queue abandon rates to increase waiting time accuracy
  • Keep stakeholders informed by using queue management dashboards and use real-time operational alerts to make data-driven decisions quickly
84% of theme park guests would prefer to use virtual queuing than waiting in a physical queue survey
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How it Works

Offering virtual queues doesn’t have to impact your workload. Set up and manage lines in just six simple steps:
number 1

Select which attractions require a virtual queue

We recommend choosing the most popular attractions in each area of your park.

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number 2

Choose your validation method

Enable guests to join without validation or use one of our multiple validation options, including linking to tickets, to prevent system abuse.

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number 3

Guests join the line

Guests choose the attraction they want to ride and join the line. A single user can add up to 8 riders. No app? Our solution supports alternatives such as wristbands too.

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number 4

Time to explore the park

The app reminds guests how long they have left in line so they can explore nearby attractions in the meantime. When it’s time to head over to the ride, they receive a push notification offering directions with interactive wayfinding.

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number 5

Guests scan and go!

The app will present guests with a unique boarding pass that is scanned by the ride operator, using our virtual queuing app upon entering or exiting the attraction.

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number 6

Monitor and manage your operational level

Track key metrics like ride throughput, queuing time and more using our queue management tools.

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5 star feedback
You can see that these guys have really thought about this app. From the great visuals to the brilliant way that the virtual queue function works. A clever innovation indeed!
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Connect your entire guest experience

Deliver fun-filled and friction-free days out for your guests by adding mobile food ordering to your ecosystem:
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The Mobile App

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Mobile Food Ordering

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Mobile Wallet

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Virtual Queuing

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Messaging & Offers

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See our virtual queuing tools in action

Find out how attractions of all shapes and sizes are using our virtual queuing solution to improve the guest experience, increase revenue and understand guest behaviour.
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Minimise frustration and wasted time

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Enhance guest satisfaction

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Increase the number of rides given per day