Virtual Queuing

Remove your number one guest complaint and dramatically improve the on-site experience with virtual queuing.

Support social distancing

Remove the challenge of keeping groups separate within long physical lines while social distancing measures remain in place.

Demonstrate agility and leadership to build positive brand association and maintain guest confidence in a post-COVID-19 world.

Virtual Queuing App

Improve the guest experience

Eliminate the most common guest complaint by enabling your guests to join a virtual queue line using your app, alerting them when it's their turn to ride.

Working alongside the app’s day planner, guests can build an itinerary for their day, see and sort by live wait times and join or leave queues.

Virtual queue notification

Unlock new revenue opportunities

Increase secondary spend by introducing ‘skip the line’ upgrades.

With guests spending less time in lines, there’s more time for spending on retail and food and beverage.

Virtual Queue Upgrade

A smart operational experience

Virtual queuing functionality works seamlessly with our suite of operational tools and queue line management technology.

Track key operational metrics on throughput, wait times and ride availability in real time.

Theme Park operator dashboard

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