Spring 2024 product update

Ready for an update on what’s new in our product offering? From Indoor Mapping to new ways of managing your content in Connect, we’ve put it all together into this handy product update for you.
Adam Catterall
April 2024

Welcome to our first product update of 2024! At the end of last year, we revealed we had some exciting new features on the horizon. You’ve been waiting, and now we’re pleased to show you what we’ve been working on.

We’ll share these updates every quarter to give you a rundown of all the new features to help you get the absolute best out of our product offering and enhance your guest experience.

This quarter, we’ve shipped over 50 new features, enhancements, and optimisations. Check out the video below for a full rundown of what's new from our VP of Product, Peter O'Dare, or scroll down for the highlights.

Navigate the great indoors with Indoor Mapping

It’s time for the latest addition to our first-in-class mapping engine. At the end of last year, we launched our nighttime maps just in time for Halloween, closely followed by our standalone map SDK, MapLayr. Now, we’re pleased to take our maps to new levels—quite literally—with Indoor Mapping. 

With Indoor Mapping, guests can now see inside buildings if they focus the map on an indoor location. This gives your guests a detailed view of the buildings on your site, complete with our new point-to-point wayfinding functionality. 

Attractions.io multi-level wayfinding solution

This feature is perfect for fully indoor attractions, such as museums, resorts and aquariums. Here’s how it works:

  • Inside your mobile app, your guests will have an interactive digital map that displays all of your inside spaces in beautiful detail.
  • Initially, the map shows the ground floor of your attraction, but at the tap of a button, guests can between floors. This functionality works for buildings with only one floor, or even a hotel with 20+ floors. 
  • From there, they can tap points of interest such as restaurants or specific exhibits to learn more about them. If they want to head in the direction of a point of interest, they can create a wayfinding route from their location, with accessibility options to avoid stairs.

Outdoor attractions with on-site buildings, such as resorts, theme parks and zoos can also make full use of this new feature:

  • As your guests navigate your attraction, the app will recognise when they’re close to a building (or hovering over it) with Indoor Mapping enabled. It’ll then dynamically adjust to the inside of the building, on the ground floor to begin with.
  • As with fully indoor attractions, indoor spaces have their own tappable points of interest. As well as this, outdoor points of interest still appear when your guests are inside a building on the same level. For example, if a guest is in the lobby of your hotel planning their day, they'll see nearby outdoor points of interest, like your golf course and swimming pool.

What else is new?

We’ve made a handful of improvements and quality-of-life updates inside our backend console, Connect, to make it easier to manage the content inside your app this quarter. Let’s run through them.

Area labels

We've added the ability to configure and show area labels for your venue. Area labels can be used to show specific areas or zones of your venue and can be activated at certain times of year to sign-post seasonal activities and experiences.

In the app, area labels appear when guests are looking to get an overview of your venue. Once the guest zooms in for a closer look, the area labels automatically disappear. 

This feature enhances the overall guest experience by enabling easier planning, real-time updates, and accessibility features. Well-labelled areas can guide guests to must-see attractions, dining options, and restrooms, making their visit more enjoyable and less stressful.

Attractions.io area labels for mobile map

See ongoing events if they have an end-time set

Events are timed activities that guests can set reminders for, such as shows, talks and feeding times. As well as setting start times for events, you can now add optional end times by stating the duration of an event.

Before, events that were currently underway were dropping off from the ‘What’s on’ tab on our customers’ apps. This made it tricky to manage ongoing activities. Adding end times means that your guests can see an event on the schedule until it has finished. As they can see how long an event will last, guests can now also plan their day more effectively, as they will know if they have enough time to enjoy each activity in full. 

Event times are optional, so you can add them to events if they are relevant, and leave them out if they aren’t.

Multiple pictures for a single point of interest

Those with a mobile app powered by the Attractions.io platform will know that every point of interest in your attraction, from animal enclosures to rollercoasters, has its own image and information housed neatly inside. 

Our customers told us that a single image wasn’t enough to accurately present some of their exciting on-site experiences. So, we’ve added functionality that allows you to upload several images into a singular point of interest and display them as a carousel—so guests can now see every twist and turn of your show-stopping rollercoaster, or get a look at your Bengal tigers from every angle.

Points of interest with multiple images or photos

Calendar view for opening times

Looking up opening times before visiting an attraction is an essential part of the pre-visit journey for your guests. It allows them to plan visits effectively, work around the crowds, and avoid disappointment. It also means they won’t be caught off-guard by any scheduled closures.

We've completely overhauled how opening times are presented to guests by switching to a calendar view. Your guests can now see which dates your venue is open or closed at a glance, and they can also select specific dates in the future to see when your venue is operating. 

Setting custom opening times on a point of interest

This creates a native experience for your app users, meaning they aren’t redirected to an external webpage where they could potentially run into tricky user interfaces and unsatisfactory load times.

With this change, we're laying the foundations for further enhancements, such as showing how busy the venue is expected to be based on historical data or machine learning models.

New integrations

This quarter, we welcomed two new integration partners to our app ecosystem:

  • Future Ticketing provides API infrastructure for the ticketing world. Their high-performance software and API empowers venues and events to sell tickets, manage their business and build partner integrations.
  • Visit Group provide e-commerce, packaging and distribution platforms for the tourism industry. They help hotels, ferries, attractions, ski resorts, and more create tech ecosystems to grow revenue and manage operations

Taking your attraction further

These features are now live on our core platform. But, there’s a whole lot more in the pipeline, so watch this space to see what’s coming next.

If you’re interested in elevating your on-site experience, book a zero-obligation discovery call to get started.

Adam Catterall

Roller coaster buff and black belt content writer
April 2024
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