How to Leverage Your Mobile App to Boost TripAdvisor Ratings

TripAdvisor attracts over 390 million users every single month and has become the go-to search engine for planning days out with family and friends.

In a world where recommendations from our peers are now the most influential advertisement for any given attraction, the importance of TripAdvisor has reached an all-time high, and effective tactics to improve ratings are important. So, how can a mobile app help?

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How to Get Your Visitor Attraction to #1 on TripAdvisor

The way people plan their next day out with family and friends has changed.

For visitor attractions, it used to be all about brand awareness. Those who had the best presence in newspapers, on the radio and across billboards had the upper hand. They’d be front-of-mind, and that was important when people came to plan their leisure activities. But the Internet has changed all that.

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