5 egg-cellent ways to customise your mobile app for the Easter break

Do you know you can customise your mobile app for the Easter Holidays and other events in your calendar? Check out our tips for quick customisations ahead of the holiday weekend.
Ellen Wilkinson
April 2023

The Easter holidays represent the first mad rush of the season for many countries across the globe. In fact, 6.5 million Brits are planning to get away for the weekend this Easter, giving a much-needed £1.8 billion boost to the UK economy.

We understand that you haven’t got the time to make costly operational adjustments at the last minute—as soon as Good Friday lands on the 7th of April, it’s all hands on deck! So with that in mind here are our top five ways to update your app to ensure that your guests enjoy an amazing Easter break and get the most out of what your attraction has to offer.

Custom logos

Creating lasting memories is all about crafting an engaging customer environment, and every little touch counts. Spice up your customer experience with a custom Easter logo.

If your guests have seen that you’ve put the effort into making their visit as special as it can be, they’ll feel valued the moment they walk through the turnstiles, which leads to better scores on those all-important NPS surveys.

Be creative! Who doesn’t like bunnies, eggs and little yellow chickens? Give your design teams free rein, and see what they come up with. All you need to do is draft a new logo and upload it using your control panel.

Easter Egg hunts

No family holiday is complete without an Easter egg hunt, and we wouldn’t want your guests’ visit to be any different. Our platform features fun and engaging ways to lead families around your park on an exciting Easter egg hunt that has residual benefits for you and your guests.

Our wayfinding service allows you to place scrumptious looking (virtual!) eggs or cute Easter bunnies as points of interest throughout your park. Parents will love the fact that you’ve ticked every last Easter-related box, and kids will enjoy exploring your attraction in search of those elusive Easter goodies!

easter egg hunt found through mobile app

You can use an Easter egg hunt to increase footfall to key areas around your park—such as food and beverage outlets, new rides or seasonal attractions—and drive revenue alongside getting your guests involved in action-packed Easter activities.

If you want to really push the boat out, you can even add beacons on the back-end of your map that trigger Easter-related push notifications as guests get near to your virtually hidden stash. Once they’ve found them, congratulate them and suggest a nearby cafe or restaurant to get some refreshments before they set off on the next trail!

Special offers

Seasonal events give you the opportunity to target guests—or groups of guests—that have shown an interest in visiting your park during peak times, and give them a reason to come back for the next big event that’s on the horizon.

Versatility is key. Our platform lets you dictate special offer terms on a guest-by-guest basis, and allows you to leverage visitor loyalty by sending them reduced ticket offers for featured events.

Think of how special a family would feel if they’d visited for Easter last year, and the moment they set foot in the park they receive a message that not only welcomes them back, but offers them discounted tickets on upcoming Halloween or Christmas offers as a thank you. They may not have considered it, but that kind of service is rather hard to say no to.

mobile apps activity face painting

Family activities

Easter is jam-packed with activities that add something extra to your guests’ day, outside of rides and your park’s main attractions. You can either programme your app to provide your guests with a list of recommended activities when they arrive, or you can send out push notifications when they get near as they make their way around your park—or both!

We’ve already spoken about virtual Easter egg hunts, but what about a real one with yummy chocolate eggs at the end of it? From Easter-themed face painting to sack races and pretty much anything to do with eggs…they’ll be spoilt for choice. How you package activities is up to you. You can either bundle them in with other offers and use them as incentives for upsell in other areas, or offer them as a standalone, paid activity.

Event takeover

Events are a great way of generating excitement around your park and giving guests the feel-good factor the moment they open your app. We’ve engineered our platform for flexibility and usability, so feel free to go hog wild on everything from graphics to custom branding and personalised messages.

When your guests enter your park, make them feel like the Easter bunny has taken over! Adding an Easter event to your home screen is a quick and easy way to get everyone in the mood for fun. Fill it with fun facts about Easter, promote one-off activities that you’re running and show your guests that you’re doing as much as you can to bring the spirit of Easter to your park for their benefit.

branded mobile apps from Attractions.io

Over to you!

Easter is for everyone to enjoy, including park operators! We pride ourselves on giving you the creative space you need to craft a bespoke guest experience that drives revenue and puts smiles on faces.

Here's a list of customisation options that all of our customers can take advantage of:

  • Custom app icons
  • Full branding - search bars, info pages, colours, fonts and spacing.
  • Custom map illustrations
  • Eye-catching splash screens in brand logos and colours
  • Custom category icons
  • Text strings

Hopefully, you’ve picked up some great ideas that are easy to implement and don’t cost you a penny, but it’s important to remember that the Attractions.io platform works for you the whole year around - you don’t need to wait until the Easter bunny wiggles their ears at you!

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Ellen Wilkinson

Marketing Manager and Zoo Enthusiast
April 2023

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