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Engage with your guests like never before, promoting animal welfare, sharing conservation efforts and raising funds
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Support Social Distancing

Respond to the challenges of operating safely whilst COVID-19 social distancing measures remain in place. Equip your guests with a branded mobile app that removes queuing, eliminates common physical points and supports cashless payments.

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Digital Ticketing

Eliminate the need to wait in line to collect pre-purchased tickets, supporting social distancing and streamlining the admission process.

By offering a digital wallet as part of your attraction's mobile app, guests can easily store and present their tickets and membership passes for instant access to your attraction.

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Day Planning

Once a guest has decided to visit your attraction, the day planner helps to build anticipation. By collecting the preferences and interests of each group, your app can surface intelligent suggestions and highlight which activities are suitable for each member of the group.

Interactive Maps & Wayfinding

Our mapping technology makes it easy for guests to see their exact location and navigate easily. Users can filter what's shown on the map by category, as well as applying age and height filters.

Maps and routes work fully offline, so even with patchy WiFi or cellular reception, you can offer your visitors the best possible mapping experience.

Food Ordering

Enable your guests to browse menus, place their orders and pay for food via your mobile app. With built-in support for up-sells, cross-sells and abandoned cart recovery — you'll enjoy more revenue, too!

Overcome social distancing and hygiene challenges by removing queuing and reducing interactions with staff or communal self-serve kiosks.

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Feed & Talk Times

Help your visitors to make the most of their day by highlighting upcoming feeds and talks that they won't want to miss. Browse the times and set up reminders in a tap.

Offer audioguide options at busy times to disperse crowds and pinch points around popular exhibits or shows.

Dynamic Exhibit Information

Provide different information to guests at different times of the day, delivering an engaging experience that's full of time-related information on each species.

Animal Adoptions

Drive animal adoptions by promoting them to guests who spend a long time at a particular exhibit, engaging with visitors when they feel most connected to the animals.

Intelligent Offers

Deliver highly-targeted offers and promotions that resonate with your guests. Use behavioural data, coupled with location information, to send the right offer, to the right guest, at the right time.

Ticket Upgrades

Give your guests an offer they can't refuse as they leave your attraction, with the automatic promotion of ticket upgrades. Whether it's a two-day ticket or season pass that you want to promote, give guests an easy way to transact and instantly upgrade the tickets in their digital wallet.

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